Recruitment Agencies; What You Need To Know!

Recruitment Agencies are matchmakers of employment. They act as a bridge between talent and opportunity, and working with one can make all the difference in the competitive job market.

Many people discount Agencies because they frequently offer short-term contracts, but that isn’t all they do. Search online for recruitment agencies operating in your area and visit their websites to see what industries they specialise in.

If they offer roles that catch your eye, don’t just register your CV on the website and sit back to wait for them to contact you, follow it up with a phone call or email to the local office to discuss their current vacancies, or even try to arrange a visit to speak to a consultant in person. If you show you are keen to work and keep in touch they will always remember you for new opportunities. Even if these start as short-term contracts, a keen attitude can often secure a more permanent position in the right company.