Sincerity of Inspira Adviser made all the difference

Chris had been unemployed for a short period of time and he felt like he had exhausted all the options he could think of to find work. Chris knew he needed some support, but was not sure what was available or how it would help. That was until he came across Inspira.

With help from Gareth, one of Inspira's advisers, Chris identified his areas of interest and the types of roles he would find fulfilling. Through chatting to Gareth, Chris decided that he would like to pursue a career in education as a Teaching Assistant.

lnspira provided an 'Introduction to Teaching Assistant' session, along with support to build Chris's CV and worked with him to identify a suitable route to fulfill his dream. Gareth also supported Chris with his applications and interview techniques so that he was ready to apply for his Level 2 Teaching Apprenticeship, then work towards his Level 3/

"It was Gareth who suggested that a teaching assistant route might be of interest," said Chris. "It was a case of that immediately feeling that i'd found a route that I'd find interesting and rewarding."

"So having listened to me talk about my interests and ability," continued Chris, "he was obviously genuinely interested in, and cared about finding a way to help me. Along with Carly, he continued to support me as I began to apply for roles.

It was the sincerity of the support that really made the difference in terms of feeling that it was not only perfectly possible and realistic to pursue a line of work that I want, but that I could find such work."