Start your second career and join the trend of adults over 50 taking up a new challenge

They say 50 is the new 30, but as I am closer to 50 than 30, I do question the assertion, simply because I’m not sure I want to have the hang-ups and ‘first world problems’ which seemed to dominate my life back then.

What I'm realising though is that there is more to life than working 9-5 or spending my time in a field I dislike or doing a job that is simply to pay the bills.

Life is short, and we must make the most out of it to feel content. For some of us, that means enjoying the fruits of our labour and taking time out; for others, it’s diving head-first into a new opportunity, and for some it’s deciding to have a complete career change.

As people are living longer, many are needing to work longer. Reaching 50 is no longer considered the end of the career road as it once was, nor can every 50-year-old be lumped into one homogeneous group destined to take the slow lane and age gracefully.

Dipping our toes into a new career is increasingly popular. Research by the London School of Business and Finance has found that 43% of employees aged between 45 and 54 are seeking new challenges and opportunities. “More people are changing jobs in their 50s than any time before,” says John Lees, career coach and author of 'How to Get a Job You Love.'

But where do you start?

How about working for Inspira for three or four weeks over the summer and see if you like the change of pace and quite possibly, career change.

In Cumbria and Lancashire, the Inspira team are looking for around 300 people to join their summer ranks. Working with groups of young people the work is as rewarding as it is fun, and it’s paid!

1) Talk to us at Inspira; our friendly HR team are always on hand to have a chat. They will talk to you about the roles available and give you as much information as possible to help you decide.

2) Come along to one of our assessment centres, meet the team, and let us know all about you.

The process is simple, and we know you will have loads of fun. Around 30% of our current summer staff come back and work for us again – so why not have an adventure too, learn some new skills, and see if you are ready for a life and career change.