Support helps Daniel land his first interview in five years

Inspira's advisers deliver careers advice to adults who are unemployed, looking to secure employment, make a career change, or look to progress in their current role.

Daniel had been unemployed since 2015 due to a variety of health conditions, but early in 2020, he refocused his efforts to look for employment.

Due to his length of time away from employment and lack of interview experience, daniel felt that he came across as robotic during conversations.

To help Daniel with his interview techniques, the Inspira adviser employed the STAR method, which enabled him to develop his answers.

The adviser demonstrated how to strengthen his answers relating to specific general questions that employers ask. For example, understanding how to talk about strengths and weaknesses and focusing on potential questions concerning his length of time out of employment.

Daniel and his adviser kept in touch over email working on his answers to common questions and supporting him to build his confidence.

Following all his hard work, Daniel quickly secured an interview for a Mail Sorter position with Royal Mail.

Well done Daniel!