Top tips for positive mental health over Christmas

Positive mental health can be a struggle for some people during the Christmas festivities.

Whether you are with family or alone, the holiday period can impact us in ways that we don’t associate with joy, laughter, and the merriment of celebrations.

Christmas can also bring with it additional money worries and stresses which last into the new year.

For unemployed people the period can compound feelings held all year, making it an absolute struggle to see past the moment and a happier, more carefree future.

Almost one in four adults has a mental illness at some point in their lives, such as stress, anxiety, depression, or psychosis.

An individual’s emotional health can also have a significant impact on physical health, and poor mental health can lead to problems such as drug and alcohol abuse, and increased feelings of isolation.

To help you look after your mental health this Christmas we have included some top tips and links to further advice.

Top Tip 1

Look after yourself, balance the need to be social with self-care

Top Tip 2

Give gifts of kindness rather than get yourself into debt

Top Tip 3

Volunteer – it can help lower feelings of depression and promote positive wellbeing

Top Tip 4

If you are unemployed, come and talk to us. Inspira helps people get back into employment, recover from redundancy, and helps to build up your confidence and self-esteem through our many pre-employment programmes. What’s even better is the courses are free.