Working to Nathans pace, Inspira has been there when needed

Nathan was first referred to Inspira three years ago, just as he was reaching the end of compulsory education. At the time Nathan was struggling with ASD and ADHD and he also lacked confidence, motivation and was became isolated, not socialising with peers and rarely leaving the house.

Over the years, Inspira has supported Nathan to engage with learning, and to build friendships. The process has been slow and steady, with Nathan now turning to Inspira as he feels his confidence and self-esteem have increased.

As part of the process Nathan has been supported to do some voluntary work in a charity shop. This too, gave him an increasing belief in himself. His Adviser suggested college again, arranging taster sessions and supported his transition. Once in College Nathan’s Adviser encouraged him to take part in the Autumn National Citizen Service, he found this a challenge but completed the programme.

Having now spent a full year at college, Nathan’s confidence is growing. Part of his achievements include passing level 1 English and Maths functional skills, and he is now heavily involved in the Duke of Edinburgh programme. Nathan attends additional days with college and goes to social events both in and out of college. Being more independent, Nathan is a much happier person which in turn has had a positive impact on his homelife. He has friends’ and spends more time out of the house interacting with other people too.

I am very happy with Inspira,” said Nathan’s father, Peter. “His Adviser has been there when ever needed and has always provided the support when Nathan has decided he wants to work at it. Since helping to get him into college they have been there to ensure the support continues through the mentoring programme.

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