Budgeting and Money Management Tips and Links

Knowing how to manage your money is essential because it can help you prioritize your spending, achieve your financial goals, reduce stress and make informed decisions regarding your money. This is why we have put together a list of useful links that will help you with budgeting and managing your money!


Money Helper Calculators And Publications

Debt Advice websites

Citizens Advice

Christians Against Poverty

National Debt Line (sample letters)

Step Change Online Help

Shopping around

The Guardian: Spot the best deal quiz

Bank Account

Info on switching and finding the right account


Universal Credit: How much you will get

Universal Credit: How it supports working

Percentage Calculator to work out 55%

Take Home Pay Calculator (close all adverts)

Different Benefits Available

Entitled To Calculator (Better Off Calculations)

Money Hints And Tips

Government Help For Households (for any new announcements)

Cost Of Living Tips From Money Savings Expert (Martin Lewis)

Compare Supermarket prices for food

Too good to go app link for cheap local food deals