Targeted Careers Information Advice and Guidance

Inspira has been commissioned by the Cumbria County Council to provide careers information, advice and guidance, and support with progression planning to targeted priority groups of young people including:

  • Children Looked After
  • Care Leavers (up to the age of 21)
  • Children attending Pupil Referral Units and by extension those receiving support through the Hospital and Home Tuition Service
  • Children in receipt of an Education and Health Care Plan
  • 16 18-year-olds who are NEET or at risk of becoming NEET without identified education and employment progression at 16 and 17

Inspira also manages the September Guarantee on behalf of Cumbria County Council to ensure all young people have a suitable offer of learning at ages 16 and 17.

Our delivery staff maintain a non-judgmental, client-centred approach; providing advice that is fair, informed, and focused upon the interests of young people; and actively challenge any attempt to restrict or undermine their impartiality. Impartiality lies at the heart of our commitment to service users. It is fundamental to our integrity as an organisation and to our provision of high-quality CIAG.

We provide the support that is:

  • Timely, addressing young people’s options as they approach key transitions
  • Accurate, informed by up-to-date labour market information and detailed knowledge of local opportunities and resources
  • Balanced and comprehensive, helping young people consider the full range of learning and career options to reach their own decisions

We work in partnership to ensure the best possible outcomes for young people. We liaise with teachers and other key pastoral staff in schools and colleges, social workers and other professionals to share information, align plans and jointly address issues to help young people make a successful transition into work or further learning.