Year 11’s Application Guide

Wondering what your options are after year 11?

Need help on how to apply to college and apprenticeships?

Here Inspira has a quick and easy guide on where to start!

It’s an exciting time to be reaching the end of your GCSEs! But something that might help you relax even more is getting everything all set for your next step plans.

Whether you be interested in an apprenticeship, sixth form or college courses, we wanted to take you through the steps of how to apply so you can enjoy post GCSE exam life!

Applying for apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are a chance to learn on the job and directly test if that line of work is right for you! It’s an excellent opportunity for personal development with practical support in the position you're interested in. Read our Apprenticeship Guide for more info.

Here are some general things to start you off if you are interested in this path:

Applying for Sixth Form Colleges

Continuing onto an A-Level or BTEC course at a Sixth Form or College will open up the opportunity for you to pursue your education further into university or a higher-level apprenticeship.

If this path interests you, here’s how to get started:

  • Research your local Sixth Forms and Colleges
  • Watch or attend online or in-person Open Events, where you can attend taster events for the subjects that appeal to you
  • Apply online to the one that most interests you

Sixth Form and College Interviews: You don’t need to stress!

This will be a relaxed conversation! It’s an opportunity for the College to check you’ll be happy and okay on the course and a chance for you to ask any questions personal to you. It’s not pressurised but it is also important! Dress appropriately and be respectful.

For a more detailed breakdown of your options local to Cumbria and Lancashire, we’ve put together a great guide right here!

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