Kate Hardon

Name: Kate Hardon

Job title: Admin Support

Employer: Inspira. I am based at the Carlisle Office.

Age: 18

Why did you choose an apprenticeship?

I chose an apprenticeship so that I could learn a whole new aspect of customer service and earn my own money by learning on the job.

What did you get out of your apprenticeship?

I will gain a level 3 qualification in business administration. I will be able develop my customer service skills to a higher level and gain confidence while talking to customers. Although I have only been here a month, I have already gained new skills such as inputting data, managing my time and my telephone skills. I am really enjoying it!

Take us through a typical day:

A typical day for me is never the same than the previous one. Some days I am on duty in the centre, where I welcome customers and answering telephone calls. Other days I am inputting personal data to a software called IYSS.

What do you like most about the job?

Definitely the environment, I work with a really friendly team who are always happy to help. Also there is always something to do, whether that is tidying the office or helping other people.

What do you like least about the job?

I don’t think there is anything bad to say. I think I just need to get used to working in this kind of setting.

Why did you want to do this job?

It's something new to what I have previously done. I wanted to try something different, but not go through college courses again.

What jobs have you done previously?

Firstly, I had worked as a kitchen assistant in a hotel outside of Wigton. Then I worked in a small pub just outside of Wigton where I waited on, cleaned bedrooms and also helped out in the kitchen. My role now is very different to my previous jobs!

Any advice for people wanting to get into your profession?

It’s a brilliant profession to be in. Not one day is the same, there is always things happening. This profession gives you opportunities and learning curves to help develop your knowledge and understanding of people from different backgrounds. If you like engaging with people and being organised, then business administration is perfect.