Support for Employers

As a leading employability skills organisation, Inspira work with and help support employers to build inspired, innovative and sector specific employment programmes that will help more local people in Cumbria and Lancashire into work.

We also collaborate with employers to create opportunities for disadvantaged people, enhance skills and improve the employability of young people and adults.

Inspira’s programmes are a blend of online and face to face learning, perfect for the changing working environment we now embrace.

Our expert Inspira team can help support employers in several ways:

Do you have job vacancies to fill?

Inspira's employment programmes are designed to help people who are unemployed and are keen to start the next chapter of their career and find work. Inspira supports job seekers to develop employability skills which align to actual job roles and opportunities within the region.

We prepare participants to get ready for work by creating individual development plans, which include 1:1 support, group sessions, CV building, work experiences, mock interviews, and formal qualifications - all aimed at empowering the applicants to make the best possible representation of themselves at the interview stage and to help you secure the best candidate.

Do you need to upskill or train a new workforce?

Inspira can help you identify and upskill local job seekers through bespoke employment programmes to match your recruitment needs. The way we do this is to understand your skill needs and requirements, identify suitable individuals and prepare them to get to the interview stage.

Alternatively, if you would like to share your recruitment adverts with us, we can share with our customers and help them with their application to you.

Do you need to make redundancies?

For those employers in the unfortunate position of having to make redundancies, Inspira can provide support to employees whose roles are at risk through access to our career advisory services. We work with DWP to ensure that through this unsettling time, employees can access tailored career advice and guidance about their next steps as well as information on training, funding and benefits. We can do this by telephone, in person at one of our centres, or at your premises as group sessions (if preferred).

"I have been working very closely with Inspira since I joined the company in 2021, to help with employability in the local area through up-skilling. Inspira have been a great help to ourselves. We have 350 vacancies here on site that we need to recruit for each year, so we need to go out and find different ways that we can recruit different candidates.

Inspira have been fantastic, they already had a working relationship with us in the past and it was just a case of building on those foundations, especially after COVID; trying to change people’s mindsets around getting back into work, getting the experience, the upskilling and the confidence to get back out there. Inspira work with you as an employer and for you, to meet your needs."
- Robert Madigan, People Administrator, Haven Lakeland.

For more information, on how we can help your business, please contact Chris Gibson, Contract Manager at