Siara Feroze

Hi my name is Siara, and I am a Skills and Development Adviser for Inspira in Lancashire, I have worked on the National Career Service Contract for over five years. I have worked with Inspira since October 2018.

The majority of the work I carry out is face to face, supporting vulnerable adults and young people to get into work, training or volunteering. I also carry out group sessions on interview skills, the local labour market and useful tools on social media.

The most enjoyable aspect of my job is meeting new people and making a difference in their lives. This could be from enrolling them onto a confidence-building course, creating a new CV or supporting them with funding for cards such as CSCS.

My inspirational story

Two years ago, I, unfortunately, found myself a victim of domestic violence and had to leave home and start a new life away from my friends and family. This was a very challenging and often lonely time; however, I was determined to move positively in my life. During this period, I had to ensure I kept myself busy and focused on the positives in my life, which often came from the work I was doing to support clients. I am incredibly proud of myself as this experience allowed me to gain further independence and will enable me to overcome this hurdle in my life.

Words to live by

Leaving your home and getting back safely is such an underrated blessing.