Inspira Supports Domestic Abuse Victim Back Into Work

Victoria's journey with Inspira began in March 2024, as she took the steps to rebuild her life amidst personal turmoil. Battling through the challenges of a divorce stemming from domestic abuse, Victoria found herself as a single mother of three, relying on Universal Credit support while grappling with depression and anxiety.

Entering the Restart programme with low confidence, Victoria's appointments with her adviser marked the turning point with their conversations becoming a beacon of hope. With empathy and encouragement, Victoria's adviser offered support, recognising her potential and determination to build a brighter future for herself and her children.

Embracing the guidance received, Victoria embarked on a life-changing journey. Through career appointments with offered bespoke advice, guidance and support, Victoria was signposted towards opportunities that aligned with her circumstances. Despite lacking a CV, Victoria didn't falter, with her adviser's help, she created a compelling CV that highlighted her skills and aspirations.

Driven by her newfound resilience, Victoria applied for opportunities in school kitchens across her local area. Her determination soon paid off when she secured an interview at William Howard School in Brampton. Demonstrating her capabilities and enthusiasm, Victoria impressed the interviewers and was successfully offered the position of Kitchen Assistant.

Victoria accepted the job offer, eagerly anticipating her return to work in a role that would sustain her family and allow her to contribute to the local community. For Victoria, this accomplishment isn't just about employment; it's a triumph over adversity and a huge boost to her confidence.

Reflecting on her journey, Victoria acknowledges the invaluable support she received from Inspira and is determined to utilise workplace assistance as needed in the upcoming weeks. Victoria's story is not just a personal victory but also an inspiration for others navigating through life's storms, reminding us that with determination and support, brighter days really do lie ahead.

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