Mike Ridyard

Hi, my name is Mike and I work as a Professional Adviser in the Furness area, mainly based in 2 schools: St Bernard's Catholic High School and Dowdales School.

Currently, I'm commissioned by both schools to provide a universal guidance service for pupils from years nine to 11. As well as one-to-one guidance, I also get involved in helping to provide alternative curriculum options to specific pupils and linking schools to local employers.

I really enjoy working with the pupils in both schools. Each year I always think that there can't, again, be such a nice year 11 cohort - but there always is.

My inspirational story

One of the most inspirational experiences I've had was working with a young man who really struggled at school to such an extent that he needed a full alternative curriculum in year 10 and 11. He discovered a real ability with food preparation whilst on work experience, and was encouraged by the chefs he worked with. Eventually, after leaving school and going onto a catering course at college, he won a Cumbrian wide skills competition.

Words to live by

Don't stumble over something behind you.

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